Yamaji Calisto

In development

La Calisto – Cavali incorporating new work from the Yamaji Community, Western Australia

The ‘Yamaji Calisto’ project started in late 2018 with lots of discussion with a broad range of people. It started to come into more focus in early 2019 as Aaron Carpenè and Mariyon Slany travelled up to the Yamaji Arts Centre  for discussions with Charmaine Green and others in the Yamaji community.

‘Yamaji Calisto’ is about creating an intercultural collaboration around ‘storytelling through song’ bringing together Venetian opera, Indigenous heritage, and the synergistic approaches in science within the story of Calisto and Galilleo and Yamaji stories that can be shared. Ultimately the success of Artistic Director Aaron Carpenè working with the Yamaji Indigenous community relies on utilising his previous proven model of working with community in Bhutan and Japan where shared narratives provide a platform for each representative to express identity through music, song, movement, costume and art.

Interrelationships are established that embrace performance diversity that comes together as a coherent whole through a long process of exchange and mutual creativity.

The Phases of work are underpinned by FROLIC’s objectives that include: Creating innovative opera productions that bring together some of the world’s most distinctive cultural identities; forging synergies with leading exponents in opera, theatre and performing arts expression in general; as part of cultural diplomacy between cultures/countries, and promoting and supporting exchange of storylines and creation of performative original drama showcasing cultural diversity but also intercultural harmony.

We are in the developmental stages of this project and not only that but very early on in Phase 1 which is focused on community capacity building/educational outreach to achieve the types of outcomes that FROLIC has with its objectives. However the enthusiasm with which the Yamaji community in Geraldton has embraced these initial discussions and meetings to join choirs and do dancing will hopefully contribute to ‘bringing back from sleeping’ some of the performing arts elements of this community to work on an ambitious multi year project that we are hoping will provide some fantastic inspiration for generations to come!