About Us

FROLIC is the culmination of over 15 years of explorative musical theatre productions that have established themselves as a new genre based on the intersection between western opera and some of the world’s most distinctive cultural identities. In 2004 an invitation was received to create an operatic production in the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. The unprecedented novelty and originality was embraced after many years of research where the key to the success of the project was the inclusion of traditional Bhutanese dance, music and costume into the score of G.F.Handel’s Acis and Galatea. Together with the Italian stage director and co-creator Stefano Vizioli, narrative commonalities were identified that allowed the interweaving of performative expressions. The success of the project led to further major international ventures following a similar technical and artistic approach including Monteverdi’s Orfeo in Japan (Japan Orfeo) and Mozart’s Zauberflöte in Cambodia (Mozart at Angkor—A Cambodian Magic Flute). Today FROLIC embraces excellence in its cultural endeavours and continues to explore the power and energy of diverse cultural identities in a celebration of what it means to be human.

Aaron Carpenè, Artistic Director

Aaron Carpenè, conductor, harpsichordist, organist, pianist and early music specialist, has forged a unique path in today’s music performance panorama. The combination of a profound knowledge and performance experience in 17th and 18th century European music and the desire to interact with some of the world’s great and unique performing arts traditions has led to the creation of the pioneering projects Opera Bhutan, a critically acclaimed intercultural operatic performance of G. F. Handel’s Acis and Galatea in the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan that incorporated traditional Bhutanese music, dance and costume and Japan Orfeo, an integration of Monteverdi’s first operatic masterpiece and Noh Theatre, Nihon Buyo and Gagaku music. For Spoleto Festival USA 2015 Carpenè created the performance score and conducted the first production in modern times of Francesco Cavalli’s opera Veremonda, l’amazzone d’Aragona.


James Deutsch

James Deutsch is a curator and editor at the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, where he has helped plan and develop public programs on California, China, Hungary, Peace Corps, Apollo Theater, Circus Arts, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Mekong River, U.S. Forest Service, World War II, Silk Road, and White House workers. In addition, he teaches courses on American film history and folklore in the American Studies Department at George Washington University. Deutsch has also taught American Studies classes at universities in Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Poland, and Turkey. Overall, he has held more than sixty different jobs, including newspaper reporter, librarian, park ranger/forest ranger, census enumerator, and monorail operator at Walt Disney World.

Kingsley Dixon

John Curtin Distinguished Professor, Curtin University

Kingsley Dixon is a botanist and biologists with 40 years research experience in threatened species conservation and restoration science on the landscapes of Australia. He is an active communicator and community scientist with links to community restoration programs in urban to remote regional communities. He is co-author of the Australian Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration and the International Standards. He has authored more than 400 research papers, 14 books including major works in conservation biology. 2014 Linnean Medal in Botany 2016; Scientist of the Year (Western Australia) ;2018 John Curtin Distinguished Professor.

Francis Greep

Francis Greep has an international reputation for his work as a vocal coach, recitalist, chorus master, continuo player and conductor. Now based in Australia, he has worked for Opera Australia as Assistant Chorus Master; and West Australian Opera and Houston Grand Opera, both as Head of Music. Francis has prepared singers and choruses in more than 60 operas and extensive experience of Art Song across all languages.

Concurrently, Francis is Development Manager at the world-renowned Gondwana Choirs, the leader in choral performance for young musicians in Australia.

Mariyon Slany

Mariyon is a strategic creative thinker who has competencies across a diverse field – Arts, EQ, Strategy, Community Engagement & Facilitation – with strong analytical & interpersonal skills.  She is a preferred provider for the WA State Government’s % for Art program; and has Board level experience in governance, strategic planning, brand & risk assessment and is an experienced Executive Officer of NGO’s.  She is an Arts Consultant with a long history of arts expertise – including in music and publishing – stemming from early theatre/music training and performances.  As an active community volunteer, she has 18 year’s governance experience with Boards of Management having finished 5 years on the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Board, the Murdoch University Senate with Geoffrey Bolton, the NDS WA Board, and is currently chairing Perth NRM Board.